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At TeamSpeak®, we're proud of our users and the many ways they use our software.

We are looking to sponsor established or growing Esports Teams, Universities & Colleges or Content Creators, that currently (or would like to) use TeamSpeak® for their online communication.

Our sponsorship packages can include everything from Licenses and Servers, to Exclusive Merchandise and even Course Materials.

All we ask is you show that you are as proud to use TeamSpeak®, as we are of sponsoring you.

To get started:


Esports Teams

From College Teams to Global Superstars we can create a sponsorship package to suit your needs.


Whether you are looking at internal communication or for teaching your students, we can help provide everything from licenses and servers to course material and more.

Content Creators

If you are a Streamer, Influencer or Podcaster, TeamSpeak® can help you to connect directly with your audience.

If you don't feel like you fit into any of these categories, but you've got an amazing idea and you think we could help, send in your application. We'd love to hear from you:

We are proud to sponsor:

And many more...

What do we look for when selecting sponsorships?

Good attitude, work ethic and brand alignment are a few qualities that we look for when selecting our Sponsorships. We’re fans of the underdog and top dog equally and know that size isn’t everything. Each application is reviewed individually on its own merits.

(A tip for up-and-coming teams/creators: When applying, focus on telling us about your growth, commitment to competing/creating content for your audience and how you plan to help us in return).

What do we want from you?

In return for our support, all we ask is that you let everyone know that you're as proud to use TeamSpeak® as your platform of choice for communication, as we are of sponsoring you.

Add our logo to your social media graphics, stream overlays, jerseys, etc..., add us to the sponsors section of your website, retweet/share our posts and competitions... You get the idea :)

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your organisation, go ahead and apply today.

Ready to join?

Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.